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Romanucci Calls for Maine West Coaches, Principal To Be Fired in Maine West High School Hazing Scandal

December 20, 2012 – Antonio M. Romanucci, a partner in Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, speaking on behalf of the victims of the alleged brutal hazing incidents, last night renewed his call for the firing of the coaches and school principal at a meeting of the Maine Township High School District 207 board.

After a public hearing before a standing-room only audience, the board unanimously agreed to suspend Michael Divincenzo without pay while the dismissal process continues. Last month, Romanucci filed a lawsuit accusing Divincenzo and another coach, Emilio Rodriguez, of sanctioning hazing rituals that led to at least four alleged sexual assaults of team members at the school. Romanucci has also called for the firing of Maine West’s principal, Audrey Haugan.

“Based upon what we know from the offenders themselves about the 2012 incident and the allegations raised against Divincenzo,” Romanucci said today, “the school board acted appropriately, and I commend them for placing the safety and best interests of children first. However, they now need to go further and review the failure of the school administration to report reported abuse which has gone on far too long.”

Romanucci has noted that, while the school had a respectable anti-bullying written statement at their school, they did nothing to enforce it. He has called for stronger laws, rules and regulations that govern activities like bullying and hazing.

“No child should feel unsafe at school,” he has said. “No parent deserves that nightmare phone call from police saying their child has been a victim of bullying, hazing, or worse.”

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