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The revelation this week of a six-month-long investigation at Northwestern University into allegations of hazing and sexual abuse within the football program is troubling and sadly not a surprise. The dynamics of this type of aggression and hazing veiled as “tradition” has been prevalent in sports programs for many years and persists despite growing public awareness and pressure to end it. Despite this advocacy, these practices survive because the pressure to win at all costs for sports programs is greater than their attention to the student-athletes’ wellbeing.

Our law ...

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the federal Department of Labor recently expanded protections for undocumented workers who whistleblow on working conditions, workplace injuries, and regulatory violations. The Illinois Legislature is also considering The Work Without Fear Act, which gives more protections to undocumented workers filing complaints. 

What rights do workers have when injured on the job?

  • Every worker, regardless of their residency or citizenship status, has the right to work in a safe environment that does not cause illnesses or ...

A decision by The Supreme Court of Ohio is a step forward in the fight for justice for survivors of childhood sex abuse in that state. The Supreme Court of Ohio decided last month in Brandt v. Pompa that damage caps on financial awards violated the state’s constitution when applied to child sex abuse cases. This ruling, held 4-3 by the court’s justices, recognizes the catastrophic injuries caused by such abuse. 

In Brandt, the plaintiff was repeatedly raped as a child for two years, causing serious psychological injuries, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, nightmares ...

The following blog contains references to sexual abuse and violence that may be challenging for some readers

Every 73 seconds someone in America experiences sexual abuse or violence. If this life-altering experience has happened to you or a loved one, it can be daunting and overwhelming deciding whether to come forward. You likely have many questions and concerns while you  decide your next steps. Whether it occurred recently or decades ago, there are some considerations that may help give you a better understanding of what to expect if you choose to come forward. 

What is Sexual Abuse or ...

Someone who experiences sexual violence, assault or harassment in the workplace will now have a powerful choice in how their claim is resolved, thanks to a new law passed by both houses of Congress in February of 2022. Instead of mandating a survivor must have their complaint resolved in an arbitration with their employer, those victims can now choose to have their case heard in court, in front of a jury of their peers. The passage of the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act follows years of vigorous advocacy from organizations like the American ...

Sexual violence is the most violent crime a person can survive. The key word here – is survive. These acts of violence are terrifyingly present in our society. One out of five women and one out of ten men will experience rape or attempted rape in their lives.1 Rates of sexual violence are even higher among lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual women.2 Despite these immense numbers, survivors who take the daunting but brave step to come forward and hold their perpetrator accountable, often face a criminal system that fails them.  

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