Make the Right Call, Boeing: Scrap the 737 Max

The cost of the tragic 737 Max continues to increase, with Boeing bleeding money to get it back in the air. Beyond dollars, Boeing has lost the confidence of consumers, who will forever be wary to put themselves or their loved ones on a 737 Max, regardless of how safe the company claims it is. 

Boeing CEO David L. Calhoun needs to simply stop. Focus efforts on repairing your corporate culture, which according to recent memos is at best broken and, at worst, corrupt. Go back to go forward. Earlier 737 models have a solid safety record, which businesses, individuals and economies around the world depend on. Remove the Max distraction. 

Because we represent victims of the 737 Max disasters, we have seen the devastation caused by the Max malignancy in Boeing’s culture.

Take the hit to your bottom line and scrap the 737 Max once and for all. Save the FAA countless hours and dollars, save the nerves of the flying public, and perhaps save the lives of possible future victims. It’s the right thing to do.

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