Romanucci & Blandin’s Return to Office Model

The team at Romanucci & Blandin, like all of our law firm peers, has been navigating this incredible time by adapting to work from home, continuing to advocate for our clients and keep our staff connected.

With the Governor of Illinois now moving us into the next stage of recovery, we are all trying to plan for the re-opening of our offices while keeping people distanced and healthy yet productive.  At R&B, we have created a Return to Office model that we feel accomplishes all of those goals by using a staff rotation, allowing some team members to continue to work fully remote and installing new processes for meetings, cleaning, and use of office space.  We are happy to share this template with you, in the event is may be helpful. 

We always value dialogue with other firms, and this situation makes that more true than ever. If you would like to connect on a call or a video chat to discuss the transition back to your office space, share ideas or concerns please do let me know. We are all in this together, despite the smaller nuances between our firms. 

Please do send me a note at if you'd like to connect.  I look forward to seeing and talking with you soon and wish you continued good health in the days to come.

If you'd like to review our Return to Office template please click on the link provided HERE.



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