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When you are abused by someone you love, the emotional and physical devastation is overwhelming. Domestic abuse is abuse that involves souses, parents, children and cohabitating partners. It does not solely apply to a romantic involvement. Domestic abuse is a criminal offense for which you could face imprisonment, but victims of domestic abuse can also file for a civil action to gain compensation for any injuries they sustained. RB Law’s Chicago domestic abuse attorneys have the necessary experience and compassion to help victims of domestic abuse.

There are numerous occasions where victims do not want to take legal action, but if they remain silent, they can seriously hinder their recovery. RB Law has compassionate personal injury lawyers who know how to handle these sensitive situations of domestic abuse.

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act is there to protect family members related by blood, spouses, former spouses, cohabitants, people who formerly lived together and people with disabilities and their personal assistants, from any conduct that is considered physical abuse, neglect, harassment, willful deprivation, stalking, exploitation, interference with personal liberty, intimidating a child or abuse of an elderly family member.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic abuse, you need to remove yourself or your loved one from the situation and find somewhere safe to go. The police should be notified of the domestic abuse and possibly the state’s attorney office so you are able to file a criminal complaint and get a protective order. You should then contact RB Law’s personal injury attorneys so we may help you get the compensation you are entitled to. We have represented many clients in intentional tort cases, including domestic abuse cases.

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