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Train Accidents

Chicago Train Accident Lawyers

It's hard to imagine life in a major urban area without mass transit, and in Chicago, we have one of the best systems in the U.S. But with its benefits comes some drawbacks: accidents can occur that can cause moderate to severe injuries. Accidents like train derailments aren't as common as other vehicular accidents, but when they do occur, dozens or even hundreds of people can be injured and even die.

A more common type of train injury is caused by sudden stops or jolts, resulting in tissue damage that can lead to chronic pain and extensive medical bills. If you are the victim of this type of accident, you need a law firm like ours that has extensive experience in this area of the law and can obtain restitution for your injuries in the shortest amount of time possible.

Chicago Train Accident Litigation Specialists

As your attorney, we will know the proper ways to investigate the case, such as determining whether the engineer was driving under the influence, or if the train equipment was impaired or maintenance handled improperly. We use the best investigators to help us gather evidence, and we spare no expense to make sure your case is prepared thoroughly and competently, so that when your day in court comes, you have the greatest chance of receiving justice.

Railroad Worker Accident Attorneys Serving Cook County, DuPage County and all of Illinois

The following is a list of the types of train accident cases we handle for our clients:

  • Hazardous material spill from train 
  • Train derailments 
  • Collision with passenger vehicles 
  • Collision with other trains 
  • Mechanical failure and negligence 
  • Improperly maintained train tracks 
  • Train conductor negligence

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