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RESOLVED: Stop & Frisk by Chicago Police


This class action lawsuit represents residents and visitors of Chicago to reform the Chicago Police Department's practice of stops without evidence of a crime.  This 2015 lawsuit was certified as a class action in August 2021, when a federal judge reviewed the evidence of the case and determined that there were more than 2 million stops by Chicago police between 2010 and 2017 that did not result in an arrest and could be determined to be without cause. Further, approximately 70 percent of people stopped were Black, with an additional disproportionate number of stops for Hispanic people, as well. This lawsuit is seeking change in policies, practices and training of the Chicago Police Department, and does not include individual payments for members of the class.

Mass tort attorneys and class action cases

The Stop and Frisk actions by Chicago Police attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin know how to navigate these complex cases and bring justice to victims, and sometimes settle these cases without going to trial. In addition to the Stop and Frisk case, Romanucci & Blandin has deep experience in police misconduct cases in Chicago and nationwide, representing victims of excessive force including the family of George Floyd, Byron Williams, Alvin Motley, Jr. and others, those harmed and killed by police chases including the Carreon family where we secured more than $21 million for the death of one family member and serious injury to multiple others.

With headquarters in Chicago, Romanucci & Blandin approaches a mass tort action or class action as a way to provide monetary compensation and hold a culpable person or institution financially accountable and responsible for the economic, physical and emotional damages that have occurred to a large group of individuals or families.

Our law firm has a team of attorneys and staff with years of experience with mass tort and class action litigation. Our team includes partners who guide the process and share their deep knowledge of these types of lawsuits. Each client and each situation is different, and your claim is treated with great care and respect as the team investigates what happened and determines the best path to justice for you.

At Romanucci & Blandin, our mass tort attorneys and class action attorneys research the most up-to-date regulatory changes, state laws and federal laws and hire trained and experienced experts to work as expert witnesses and consultants on your cases. We will evaluate your injury and claim and research the relevant statute of limitations applicable to your case. Whether it is to review medical bills and laws or know state agencies and governmental agencies and how they operate, we work to locate and utilize the best expert witnesses across the country who are experienced in all the relevant state laws. We work collaboratively with other law firms when the circumstances call for that and are proven leaders of these large group cases.

Free consultation on your stop and frisk stops by Chicago Police case with police misconduct lawyers

The mass tort attorneys and class action attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin have proven success in these types of cases. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a stop and frisk by Chicago Police, please contact our office at, 312-458-1000 or click here to discuss your personal circumstance. There is never a fee until you are compensated for your injuries at the end of the case.

Disclaimer: The content found on this page is not legal assistance and contacting the mass tort and class action lawyers at Romanucci & Blandin’s law office for a free consultation regarding personal injury cases and wrongful death claims does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. 


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