Romanucci & Blandin understands that an injury can occur at work or as a result of your, or your loved ones, job. But that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to compensation. Whether it is from a workplace injury that causes serious medical injury, permanent disability or requires extensive medical care, the skilled workers’ compensation attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin are ready to help. Our workers’ compensation lawyers understand the intricacies of the workers’ compensation laws and offer a free evaluation of your case. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be overwhelming and, at times, contentious, but our attorneys are ready to help and take on your fight.

Your workplace injury claim

Injured workers can suffer serious damages from their employment, whether it is an on-the-job injury sustained at a construction site, a trucking accident, or even carpel tunnel or other repetitive trauma-related injuries. Our office offers a free consultation during which time we will discuss the background of your case, review your injuries and work to obtain the relevant records, medical records and medical bills, and help you to understand the legal claims you may be entitled to pursue.

For instance, while workers’ compensation laws prohibit injured employees from suing their employers for damages, and injured workers can only get benefits from filing workers’ compensation claims, there are also third-party causes of action that may be available.  When a third party or someone other than the employer was partially or fully responsible for the work-related accident, the injured person may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that third party in addition to getting their workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation claims limit the number of benefits you can recover, but personal injury claims allow you to recoup more damages for pain, suffering, punitive damages and emotional stress.

Reaching out to a workers’ compensation attorney early on will help make sure you can pursue any and all claims. We can help with your questions, whether about medical bills, disability benefits, or even working with insurance companies. There are also time constraints, known as statutes of limitations, on causes of action and consulting with an experienced attorney helps ensure that you are not too late to file your claims.

Workers’ compensation attorneys serving Cook County, DuPage County and all of Illinois

The following is a list of the types of workers’ compensation cases we handle for our clients:

This list is not exhaustive but shows that workplace injury can occur in all industries and can happen to anyone. For instance, although working in an office does not have as many risks or hazards as other professions like construction or trucking, there are still injuries that office workers can sustain at work. When you are sitting at your desk for extended periods of time, there are injuries that you can develop. The most common types of office worker injuries include:

  • Back and neck injuries from being in the same position
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from typing
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Stress injuries such as strokes, heart attacks and psychological injuries

If you are an office worker and you have been injured, our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you with your claim.

Many companies have become more aware of the office worker injuries that workers have been sustaining, and are trying to get more office furniture that is ergonomic. OSHA has even become more involved in setting guidelines for how to comfortably and safely work at a desk, and if your company is failing to meet those guidelines and you have become injured, Romanucci & Blandin is here to help you.

Our workplace injury lawyers understand how disruptive industrial accidents and work-related injuries can be to workers and their families, and we strive to ensure a steady and uninterrupted stream of compensation benefits through settlement or arbitration.

Free consultation with a Chicago-based workplace injury and workers’ compensation lawyer

The workplace injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin have proven success in these types of cases. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or wrongful death, please contact our office at info@rblaw.net, 312-458-1000 or click here for a free evaluation of your case. There is never a fee until you are compensated for your injuries at the end of the case.

Disclaimer: The content found on this page is not legal assistance and contacting the workers’ comp lawyers at Romanucci & Blandin’s law office for a free consultation regarding personal injury cases and workplace injury claims does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. 


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