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Brain injuries are often very serious and can have a prolonged and permanent impact on the person who was hurt. A concussion can lead to permanent impairment, resulting in brain surgery, extensive medical expenses, and lost time from work. In the worst scenario, a traumatic brain injury may require multiple surgeries, cognitive impairment, the inability of the victim to return to work and lead a normal life, and the need for long-term care. 

Experienced brain injury attorneys

Romanucci & Blandin has represented many individuals who have suffered mild to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). If the accident which led to the brain injury occurred as the result of another’s negligence and recklessness, the victim may be entitled to full compensation for medical expenses, the loss of workplace compensation, pain and suffering. Individuals or a loved one considering these types of medical malpractice claims or negligence cases can find legal advice from a medical malpractice attorney to be valuable.

Severe brain injury can be caused by a lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, where the body doesn't have enough oxygen supply to perform its basic functions. In severe cases, called anoxia, the oxygen deprivation to brain cells is so severe it leads to permanent brain damage. There are a number of common causes of this type of brain injury including a birth injury that can lead to cerebral palsy, medication errors, anesthesia errors, as well as aneurysm, heart attacks or blood clots that can be complicated by misdiagnosis or error by a medical provider.

In other cases, a TBI can be caused by such things as a car crash, sports injury, workplace accident, or construction site negligence. A traumatic brain injury of this nature can also create disabilities, cognitive impairment, medical bills, healthcare needs, loss of employment and other challenges for both the injured individual and their family members. If these brain injuries were the result of someone's negligence or recklessness, legal action can be a way to help bring a measure of justice.

Examples of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Over the years, we have seen individuals of all ages who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries – oftentimes at the hands of someone else’s actions.

  • Sports injuries resulting in a traumatic brain injury often occur in high school to college-aged adolescents, as well as professional athletes engaging in contact sports such as football and hockey, or games that involve balls that are hard and moving quickly, such as baseball and lacrosse. Repeat concussions are often a large issue, especially amongst football players who experienced head trauma during their playing careers.
  • Construction site and building negligence can leave both site workers and pedestrians in compromising positions. We have seen several examples of cases where a traumatic brain injury occurred due to a lack of sufficient safety measures on the workplace site, and where pieces of a building were not secured, resulting in injury to a pedestrian.
  • Traffic collisions including car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents often leave drivers and passengers with traumatic brain injuries due to the often abrupt and impactful crashes that can take place. Additionally, when airbags are triggered, their power can also cause one’s head to experience another level of trauma.

Your Brain Injury Claim

With headquarters in Chicago, the law firm of Romanucci & Blandin approaches a brain injury action as a way to provide monetary compensation and hold a culpable medical professional or institution financially accountable and responsible for the economic, physical and emotional damages that have occurred.

Our law firm has a team of attorneys and staff who have years of experience with brain injury litigation. Our medical malpractice team includes partners who guide the process and share their deep knowledge of these types of lawsuits. Each client and each situation is different, and your claim is treated with great care and respect as the team investigates what happened and determines the best path to justice for you.

At Romanucci & Blandin, our brain injury attorneys research the most up-to-date wrongful death laws and hire trained and experienced medical malpractice experts to work as expert witnesses and consultants on your cases. We will evaluate your injury and claim and research the relevant statute of limitations applicable to your case. Whether it is to review medical bills, medical malpractice laws, standard of care and other medical negligence of hospitals, physicians and health care providers, we work to locate and utilize the best medical experts and expert witnesses across the country who are experienced in all the relevant state laws.

We know exactly what to do to litigate your brain injury case. We will obtain all necessary medical records, interview witnesses, and prepare thoroughly and meticulously for your day in court. Ultimately, our aim is to obtain the maximum compensation possible so that you can move on with your life.

Our results for clients in brain injury claims

The results we have achieved in brain injury cases are a testament to our team’s dedication to clients. For example, we are proud to have secured justice and a wide range of awards for cases including brain injuries from transportation accidents or birth injuries.

Our results speak for themselves. Our team knows how the system works, how insurance companies and hospitals operate, and what judges, juries or mediators need to see to understand your claim.

Free consultation on your case by Chicago-based brain injury lawyers

The brain injury attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin have proven success in these types of cases. Please contact our office at info@rblaw.net, 312-458-1000 or click here for a free evaluation of your case. There is never a fee until you are compensated for your injuries at the end of the case. 

Disclaimer: The content found on this page is not legal assistance and contacting the medical malpractice lawyers at Romanucci & Blandin’s law office for a free consultation regarding personal injury cases and brain injury claims does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. 


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