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$2,875,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Our client was admitted to a suburban hospital in March of 2014 with a severely herniated disc and due to delayed and deficient surgery, lost motor and sensory function in his legs. As a result of the settlement with the hospital, the neurosurgeon, and the physician’s practice group, the plaintiff was awarded a gross amount of $2,875,000, making it one of the largest awards in Illinois for a medical malpractice case of its kind.

In the original filing, the plaintiff alleges he was admitted to the hospital emergency room after being transported by ambulance. An MRI showed his nerves in his lower spine were being crushed and revealed a severe herniated disc. In spite of these symptoms indicating the need for emergent surgery, the treating physician waited to perform the procedure over 72 hours later as an elective surgery. As a result of delayed care, the plaintiff woke up with cauda equina syndrome, causing him to lose motor and sensory function in his legs. He now requires special braces to walk and has difficulty caring for himself.

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