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$4,250,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

A $4.25 million dollar settlement was reached with Palos Community Hospital and Kaushik J. Pandaya M.D. for the parent of a 23-month-old who lost his life as a result of the negligent care provided by the hospital and physician who failed to properly diagnose and provide the proper treatment for the young child in October of 2011.

On October 16, the child was brought to the Palos Community Hospital E/R due to fever, runny nose, and a cough. Croup was diagnosed, and the toddler was discharged once his breathing improved. However, the breathing difficulties recurred, and he was again brought to Palos Community. At 4:33 am on October 18, he stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest. The on-call nurses tried unsuccessfully to intubate him--and the on-call pediatrician, Dr. Kaushik Pandya, did not arrive at the hospital for 26 minutes. The child was pronounced dead on October 19. 

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