Press Conference: Civil lawsuit filed on behalf of exonerated death row inmate Marilyn Mulero

Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, and Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge, LLC, on behalf of Marilyn Mulero, together announced the filing of a civil lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department and several of its individual officers, including disgraced detectives Reynaldo Guevara and Ernest Halvorsen. The complaint alleges that Guevara, Halvorsen, and other Chicago police officers engaged in a number of unconstitutional and egregious acts that led to Marilyn Mulero’s conviction, including their coercion of a false confession. Chicago police, enabled by a culture of misconduct in their department, coerced 21-year-old Marilyn Mulero’s confession after hours of torturous interrogation, resulting in a death sentence. She spent 28 years incarcerated, with five of those years on Death Row. Guevara has now been accused by the Death Penalty Information Center of framing defendants of murder in more than 50 cases.

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