Lead Poisoning of Toddler and Exposure to Pregnant Mother and Infant in South Bend, Indiana Leads to Lawsuit

Romanucci & Blandin and Pfeifer Morgan Stesiak announced the filing of a civil lawsuit this afternoon against HomeWorks Management Corporation and affiliated companies and individuals for the lead poisoning of a toddler boy and exposure to his pregnant mother and infant sister in South Bend, Indiana. The plaintiffs, Selena Wiley, her fiancé, Joevonne Hiles, and their two children, a son, age 4, and an infant girl, age 6 months, were renting a HomeWorks house in South Bend in March of 2017 when their exposure to the toxic substance began. The lawsuit states that the property management company was negligent by among other things, placing the family in a home that had lead paint, a known health risk for young people and pregnant women, in particular, and by performing maintenance and window removal without using required lead safety practices. Unfortunately, today, the young boy has confirmed lead poisoning and has had to undergo treatment, testing and take medications, and does not have the speech or cognitive ability of other children his age. His brain damage from the lead poisoning is believed to be permanent. Wiley was pregnant during the months her son was exposed and delivered her daughter nearly 6 weeks premature in December of 2018, causing the new baby to spend weeks in neonatal intensive care. Doctors are concerned for the baby’s health and development and are testing and monitoring her regularly for signs of brain damage. The lawsuit was filed in Indiana State Court in the St. Joseph Superior/Circuit Court. The family is being represented by R&B Founding Partner Stephan D. Blandin, Associate Martin D. Gould and attorneys at Pfeifer Morgan Stesiak.

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