R&B Cases & Concepts: The Public Health Crisis of JUUL

In this episode of “Cases and Concepts”, Romanucci & Blandin founding partner Antonio Romanucci discusses the public health crisis facing America’s youth – the use of e-cigarettes, primarily by the manufacturer Juul. Juul has become extremely profitable over the last several years by taking pages from the Big Tobacco marketing playbook, successfully making young people addicted to nicotine and lifetime customers of their products. In 2019, R&B client Adam Hergenreder suddenly became incredibly ill and was hospitalized with life threatening respiratory problems after Juul’ing for many months. This former varsity athlete now suffers from shortness of breath and has been told that vaping may cause him permanent, life changing health consequences. Adam has devoted himself to educating others on the dangers of Juul’ing and has testified to Illinois lawmakers asking for tighter regulation on these products. R&B is fighting on behalf of Adam and others to ensure that Juul is unable to put profits over people. We have a responsibility to the next generation of our youth and will make sure we continue this educational program to ensure their safety.

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