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Legal Team for family of Jack Murray responds to edited video montage released by Elk Grove Village Police

December 18, 2023

The self-motivated, pre-packaged video montage created by Elk Grove Village Police about the death of Jack Murray shows a decidedly partial version of the event with a heavy hand of spin. What was missing from their montage was the most critical seconds of the second body cam, showing the interaction between Jack Murray and an officer, along with that view of the shots that were fired. Further, officers noted on camera they were in possession of a "bean bag" rifle that is a non-lethal use of force that could also have been used... and was not.

From the video, it appears officers took only several seconds between the use of a taser and the use of deadly force. We strenuously object to Elk Grove Village adding their personal narrative to the body and dash cam. What was released is an edited movie meant to confuse viewers about the legality of what officers are required to do to de-escalate a situation like this with a clearly emotionally distressed person. What we do know is what we already knew, and what we have maintained from the beginning. That day, Jack was physically injured, emotionally distressed, confused and slurring and not OK. He was well-known to the EGVPD as they admit on video. Rather than send medical aid or social services, EGV dispatched the full force of their Police Department and the outcome of Jack's death was inevitable.

This situation is beyond sad, and we vigorously maintain that Jack did not need to die that day. 

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