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Letter calling for Illinois criminal investigation into hundreds of abuse allegations by former OB/GYN Fabio Ortega

April 3, 2024


Dear Hon. Foxx and Hon. Raoul:

We write to urge you to conduct a full criminal investigation of the hundreds of sexual abuse allegations against former OBGYN Fabio Ortega and his employer, Endeavor Health.

For over three decades, Fabio Ortega committed deplorable acts and used his position of power to sexually abuse women. He was shielded by the hospitals where he worked and was allowed to victimize hundreds of women. Presently, we are aware of roughly 500 women who have come forward seeking to hold him accountable through civil litigation. Despite the many civil lawsuits and extensive press coverage[1], Ortega remains free, roaming the streets of Chicago without having to reckon with the magnitude of his depraved conduct. Time is up. He must be held accountable.

Ortega’s conduct has caused his victims to suffer humiliation, shame, and emotional distress. The women who were abused report physical manifestations of this trauma including headaches, sleepless nights, and bodily aches. This sexual assault has impacted how each of these women interacts with people every day, causing them to be guarded, irritable, and in fear of any type of physical contact from both strangers and loved ones. They also have difficulties trusting healthcare providers. Ortega not only abused his position of power, but he deprived his victims of their bodily and sexual autonomy, eroded their dignity, and robbed them of their humanity. Because of the sexual assault, each of Ortega’s patients has experienced feelings of contamination and of having been defiled and desecrated.

In 2021, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office successfully investigated and obtained a guilty plea from Ortega for aggravated criminal sexual abuse of two patients. But the landscape has changed again. Since 2021, our legal team has found hundreds of other victims and we have uncovered allegations of sexual abuse going as far back as 1991. Re-opening the investigation into Ortega will send a message that no one—not even medical doctors—is above the law.

Perhaps the most troubling revelation during our years-long investigation is the inescapable conclusion that Ortega was protected by the hospital systems that employed him and, on countless occasions, these hospital systems turned a blind eye to Ortega’s misconduct. The hospitals for which Ortega worked were more worried about their reputation and financial gain than about protecting the patients—all of them women—who trusted them. It is for these reasons that we believe a criminal investigation into the conduct of these institutions is also warranted. Ortega existed and thrived because these multi-billion-dollar institutions enabled his conduct.

The need to investigate issues of criminal liability is made more urgent by the fact that these institutions, which documented patient complaints against Ortega, are publicly defending him and paying for his legal fees. Endeavor Health continues to deny responsibility and continues to argue in civil pleadings that Ortega did nothing wrong. In other words, Ortega’s conduct continues to be sanctioned by the hospitals for which he worked. Against this background, we believe it is essential for your offices to conduct a comprehensive criminal investigation of Ortega, the Board of Directors, Ortega’s partners, and each of the hospitals where he worked. Failure to do so would contribute to the notion that sexually abusing patients under the guise of providing medical care is permissible. A failure to conduct a comprehensive criminal investigation would undermine faith in the rule of law.

We are sure that you share our outrage, disgust, and sadness reading the stories of the hundreds of women who were victimized by Ortega and these multi-billion-dollar healthcare institutions. Even though our legal team has dedicated thousands of hours to researching, litigating, and advocating for the victims, you are a crucial partner in our fight for justice.

Ortega’s abuse of power and acts of sexual violence would have been horrific if done to only one patient. But these crimes are more shocking because Ortega violated hundreds of women in a deliberate and coordinated manner—shielded by his employers—for over 30 years.

Our clients come from all walks of life, spanning all races and age groups. Yet there is no doubt that Ortega often targeted women who were uniquely vulnerable: recipients of Medicare and Medicaid funds, immigrant women who lacked knowledge about their rights and did not speak English, or women whose medical conditions were grave and could not find other medical care.

Many of our clients are eager to cooperate with you in your investigation, and we offer our resources and legal team to assist you in any way we can.

Our clients deserve justice in every form. Your offices are uniquely positioned to ensure that Ortega and the institutions that enabled him are held accountable. We urge you to act promptly so that all those who have caused irreparable harm to so many women are brought to justice. Your work will leave a lasting legacy while also making our City and State safer. 

On behalf of hundreds of women, we remain sincerely yours,

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