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Attorney David Neiman named to Interim Plaintiffs Steering Council in Chemtool Fire Class Action Lawsuit

July 23, 2021

Romanucci & Blandin, LLC is pleased to announce that Attorney David Neiman has been named to the Interim Plaintiffs Steering Council (PSC) for the class action litigation related to the Chemtool fire in Rockton, Illinois.  The fire began June 14, 2021 and burned for the remainder of the week creating a thick black cloud of smoke over the community and triggering an evacuation of residents. The magnitude of damage from the Chemtool fire has created a dangerous and detrimental situation around the facility, with property damage and the need for a large-scale environmental clean-up. 

The PSC appointment was made by Winnebago County Judge Donna Honzel on July 20, 2021.

Romanucci & Blandin has meaningful experience in litigation related to environmental and personal injury matters, as well as on class action and mass tort litigation. Romanucci & Blandin is involved in a McHenry water and ground pollution case stemming from a business that used and mishandled the chemicals. The firm is also lead counsel on the Sterigenics toxic air pollution case involving ethylene oxide and has played an active role in the litigation related to the flooding disaster in Midland Michigan in 2020. Neiman is also lead counsel in the Beach Park Chemical spill case in Lake County, Illinois and further serves on the PSC in a case against The Boeing Company representing victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 that crashed on March 10, 2019.  Romanucci & Blandin is also co-lead counsel in the class action case related to the bribery of Illinois officials by Exelon. 

“We are proud of David Neiman’s contributions to the leadership group in the Chemtool matter. The legal team is committed to fully understanding what took place to cause the disaster, assess the harm done and determine whether or not it could have been prevented,” said Founding Partner Stephan Blandin of Romanucci & Blandin, LLC.

Anyone with information about this disaster is encouraged to contact to David Neiman at or 312-458-1000.

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